Stonecot Hill crossing 1

Following last week’s serious accident in which a three-year-old girl was knocked down on a traffic island, Living Streets Sutton members are calling for improvements to Stonecot Hill’s crossings.

What needs to be fixed?

1. Upgrade the islands to zebra or pelican crossings

Traffic flow is often very heavy as Stonecot Hill is part of the A24 Red Route into London. This video shows the traffic on a typical Saturday.

The crossings need to be upgraded to give pedestrians priority over motor traffic and an opportunity to cross the road safely regardless of how much traffic there is.

2. A new crossing nearer the James O’Riordan Medical Centre

An extra crossing is needed near to the doctors’ surgery, particularly as there is no safe, direct route between the surgery and the bus stop on the other side of the road near the Ash Road junction. Taking a safe route to the surgery means walking an extra 100 metres in the other direction to the nearest traffic island – something pedestrians will very rarely do.

3. Improve visibility – an end to the “camouflaged crossings”

Stonecot Hill crossing 2

Both of the current island crossings are obscured by large concrete planters and parked cars parallel to the edge of the road. This clutter needs to be removed so that drivers and pedestrians can see each other well enough to ensure that cars have time to stop when someone starts to cross the road.

4. Longer and wider crossings

The island crossings need to be made longer to accommodate a larger group of people waiting in the island and wider so that people feel safer and aren’t so close to the passing traffic. Currently it’s very hard to fit a family onto the islands and there needs to be more space for pushchairs and wheelchairs.

Our campaign is being backed by Paul Burstow MP and Councillor Tony Brett Young and has received coverage in the Sutton Guardian. We hope to be able to bring news of our progress soon.