Do you sometimes have to make a journey within Sutton and wish that the journey could be pleasant.
It can be!
There are so many parks, green spaces and footpaths in Sutton that getting from A-B can be a pleasure.
Set out below a few suggestions in the map below, but you may have your own preferences.
It might take a little longer but you’ll be getting fitter (walking is one of the best exercises!) and you will feel a lot more refreshed when you arrive at your destination!

The routes set out below are:

St Helier to Mitcham Junction and Morden
Walk across St Helier Open Space, past the David Weir Sports Arena, cross Middleton Road, continue along the pleasant footpath, crossing Peterborough Road to Poulter Park. This provides access to the lovely Wandle Trail. Turn left for Morden and turn right for Mitcham Junction. (see Wandle Trail map below).
The walking time from St Helier to Mitcham Junction is about 50min and to Morden (via the lovely Morden Hall Park) is about 1hr.

On the River Wandle Valley Park junction with the St Helier (Sutton) access footpath. The river is on the left and the Wandle Trail continues towards Carshalton and Mitcham Junction (in the distance) and behind, it continues to Mitcham, Morden and eventually, Wandsworth

St Helier to Carshalton and Wallington

This is a “four parks” walk, linking Royston Park, Brookfield Park (sometimes called Wrythe Recreation Park), Grove Park and Carshalton Park. There are also links to Beddington Park, to follow the Wandle Trail to Waddon and Croydon.

The walking time from St Helier Wrythe Lane to Carshalton is about 25min and to Wallington is about 45min.

Grove Park, with the bridge over the stream that feeds into the River Wandle nearby. Ahead is the path continuing into Carshalton town centre
The footpath link from Carshalton Grove Park to Carshalton Park, with links to Wallington

St Helier (south) to Sutton
This is a two-parks walk, taking in Benhill Recreation Ground and the lovely Manor Park, which has its own environmental café, built by the London Borough of Sutton. It’s a nice way of walking into Sutton.
(see map below)

The lovely Wandle Trail is part of the Wandle Valley Regional Park and the links to Sutton are shown here (Copyright River Wandle Valley Park)